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Here’s a story that made an impact on me and something I thought interesting enough to include on here and also because in future I expected to write about the Amazon drones that they are planning to use to deliver orders. That will definitely be a story to cover. This I feel is the pre-cursor to that event.

I was browsing online today (Sept 16th 2015) when I came across an ad on Amazon offering FREE 1 and 2 hour delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County.  That is INSANE! Just stopping for a moment, I paused to figure out how it was even possible. Of course it’s only available for items in a nearby Amazon warehouse however with my experience of product based businesses I still find it nothing short of amazing. They have to pick, and pack the order and arrange the courier service (who need to be ready to go) and then fight So Cal traffic in order to deliver! There is a minimum spend of $30 but even then I can’t figure out how they turn a profit on such a small order. Presumably it’s a loss leader while the service catches on and I am sure will only be available in highly concentrated areas where many orders get fulfilled at once and where business is high. I’m intrigued enough to be ordering now. I am buying a Nalgene water bottle, 2 Amazon basics cables for iphones and one genuine apple lightning cable. I’ll be sure to jump back here later and let you know how it worked out. Exciting! By the way, if you want to try this out and you live in OC or LA the service is called AMAZON PRIME NOW.

2 hours and 5 minutes later –

My order arrived!

Perfectly packaged as always with Amazon, complete and to be fair – on time (within 5 mins of the order promise). That’s acceptable in my book. I am heading out to a meeting now courtesy of the best Anaheim limo service and I am going to try the Amazon basics cable. I’ve been looking at these for a while, wondering if they were really just Chinese knockoffs that you can buy from Ali Express for less than 5c each. Now I read that Amazon have full Apple certification on them so I expect them to work. The reason for buying them is my son destroys his lightning cables so fast and I am tied of paying out $20 per cable when these are less than half the price. We’ve tried the Chinese ones, but the Apple IOS knows they are not legit and generally they don’t work, or they break within a week or so.


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